Beer Glassware


  • Abbey Goblet

Stemmed Abbey

Designation: Ales

Purpose: Wide mouth allows easy sipping. Etchings on the bottom produce bubbles to maintain an attractive, frothy head to intensify aromas.

  • American Pint Glass (Shakers)

American Pint Glass

Designation: Lagers

Purpose: Used as a cocktail shaker.

  • English Glass Pint (Nonic)

Nonik Beer Glass

Designation: Ales and lagers

Purpose: The bulge is to improve grip, prevent glasses from being stuck together when stacked, and stops the rim from being nicked.

  • Flute Glass

Flute Beer Glass

Designation: Begian labics, fruit beers

Purpose: Narrow shape maintains carbonation and traps aromas. Its design allows you to observe carbonation effects.

  • German Pint Glass (Willybecher)

Willibecher glass

Designation: Lagers

Purpose: Head retention

  • Goblet (Chalice)

Goblet or Chalice Beer Glasses

Designation: Ales, doppelbocks, eisbocks

Purpose: Etched on bottom to attract carbon dioxide and provide stream of bubbles to maintain nice head. Wide mouth is for deeper sips.

  • Handled Glass Stein

Glass Stein

Designation: Lagers

Purpose: Thick glass designed for spirited clinking. Wide mouth allows for easy sipping. Thick handle prevents heat from transferring from your hand to the glass.

  • Irish Imperial Pint

Irish Imperial

Designation: Ales

Purpose: Wide mouth leads to frothy head and easy sipping. The small surface area around the grip decreases amount of heat transferred from your head to the glass.

  • Jelly (French)

French Jelly

Designation: Ales

Purpose: Was first used to store jellies and jams

  • Krug (Dimpled Mug)

Dimpled Beer Mug

Designation: Lagers

Purpose: Wide mouth releases aromas.

  • Large Tulip Glass

Large Tulip

Designation: Ales

Purpose: Tulip design traps aromas and maintains a frothy head.

  • Mug (Seidel)

Dimpled Mug Glass

Designation: Ambers, ales, lagers,

Purpose: Thickness is to allow for sturdy clinking.

  • Pilsner Flute

Pilsner Flute

Designation: Ales, Lagers, and Hybrids

Purpose: Conical shape maintains pillowy head while showing off the clarity of the lager. Narrow design brings aromas to your nose as you tip the glass back for a sip.

  • Pokal


Designation: German bockstyle lagers, ales

Purpose: Allows the aromas to collect while maintaining a nice head of foam.

  • Snifter (Small Tulip)

Small Tulip

Designation: bourbon, brandy, ales, and lagers

Purpose: Large round bottom enables heat to transfer from your hand to the glass, thus warming the beer. The tapered top traps aromas.

  • Stange (Slender Cylinder)

Stange Beer Glass

Designation: Kolsch and Alt beers

Purpose: Amplifies malt and hop nuances by the ability to tighten volatiles.

  • Stein

Glass Star Bottom Stein

Designation: For any beer

Purpose: Lid designed to keep the Black Plague from infecting the beer.

  • Thistle Glass

Thistle Beer Glass

Designation: Ales

Purpose: Shaped after Scotland’s national flower, the thistle flower.

  • Tumbler Pint Glass

Tumbler Beer Glass

Designation: Berliner Weisse

Purpose: Curved lip designed for frothy heads.

  • Weissbier Vase (Weizen, Weizenbier)


Designation: wheat beers, ales, hybrids, and lagers

Purpose: Wide mouth contains large head of foam. When the glass is tipped back, the addition of air increases the amount of banana and clove aromas in wheat beers.


Beer Glass Types

CraftBeer-The Right Glass

Glassware for Beer


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