Brewing Apps

Created by a fellow homebrewer who decided that there just had to be a better way to organize papers of brewing notes, this app allows brewers to document OG, SG, IBUs,  color, calories, etc. It then creates a schedule of when each step will be completed.  It’s $9.99 on android. The app has a recipe sharing network that allows you to share, browse, and download recipes from other users. You also get access to Northern Brewer recipes.

Google Play reveals that this app has gotten an average of 2.5/5 stars. After reading customer reviews, most of the complaints were because of  bugs, inability to calculate or sync with dropbox, being unable to import old recipes, and the timer stopping at random moments. From my understanding it seems to work better on the iphone than the droid platform.

Similar to other brewing apps, this one helps with recipe creation. It allows you to search for ingredients from its database. Beer alchemy manages your inventory by taking stock of the ingredients you use and can sync the info to your mac. It also tracks any purchases you’ve made in regards to homebrewing. Since it stays up to date with the inventory, the app suggests recipes you can make from the ingredients you have in hand. This app was designed for the iphone and mac. It is $30 for mac and $14.99 for the iphone.

Includes a recipe finder, a brewday timer, 7 brewing calculators (Hydrometer Temperature Adjuster, Infusion Step Tool, Alcohol and Attenuation Tool, Mash Adjust Tool, Weight to Volume Tool, Refractometer Tool, and a Carbonation Calculator), brewing reference, unit converters, and the ability to sync your BeerSmith cloud folder to your computer and phone.

This app received 4.0/5 stars and has over 1,000 downloads. Costs $3.99 on android. Customers state that this app is worth it if you already have the desktop program. And if you use more than 10 recipes you have to purchase the beercloud subscription for $15. Other customers rave about the tools and how easy it is to use.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2

Available for the iphone or iPad for only $0.99, this app has received 4/4 stars. It offers calculators for mash, carbonation, IBUs, attenuation, SG correction, refractometer, and pitching rates. Only flaw is that it doesn’t include a timer and apparently customers have had varied data from the pitching rates on this app and on another website.

Get Hoppy

Get Hoppy

Made for the iphone and iPad, this app gives you substitutes for hop flavors and yeast.  When your homebrew store only offers certain hops or yeast that are different from what your recipe calls for, don’t worry because this app will save your life. It’s $0.99.

iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 2

Available for $1.99 for the iphone and iPad, this app allows you to easily create and track your recipes, manage brew schedules, calculate IBUs and alcoholic content, monitor results, share recipes, and check reference guides. Received a 3.5/4 rating on itunes.

Designed for the android, this app has a brew day timer and can sync your recipes across multiple devices. It received a 4.5/5 rating. Customer reviews however says that it can use a larger database for grains, adjuncts, and yeast. It is a Free App but you do get what you pay for (or in this case what you don’t).

Made for android, this app focuses on managing recipes.  It is in beta so it will have bugs.  On the plus side it is free. Overall it has a 4.1/5 star rating and most customers have given positive reviews. Customers have found the app lacking a hop timer and difficulty importing beerXML files as well.

Brewtarget: free brewing software.

A free brewing software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It calculates IBUs and color. It offers priming sugar calculators, OG correction, and mash designing help. You can also import and export recipes from BeerXML.


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