Because brewing is an exact science, every bit of detail plays an important role in the development of your beer. To ensure a quality product you must take every factor into account, such as ABV, IBU, SG, SRM, and other chemical reactions. Luckily for you there are online calculators that do this work for you. All you have to do is plug in your numbers and you’re set.

  • Brewer’s Friend: This is an AMAZING page of all sorts of beer calculators.  They offer a Recipe Builder and the following calculators: ABV, Hydrometer Temperature, IBU, SRM, Dilution and Boil Off, Yeast Pitch Rate and Starter, Mash, All-Grain/Extract OG/FG, Water Chemistry Basic/Advanced, Brewhouse Efficiency, Quick Infusion, Bottling, Priming, Keg Carbonation, and Wine Making.
  • BYO Recipe Calculator: Aids in formulating your beer recipe. Just input the size of the batch, the ingredients, and other process variables. The calculator will then yield the OG, FG, IBUs, SRM, and ABV.
  • TastyBrew: This website has a sparging calculator based on Ken Schwartz “A Formulation Procedure for No-Sparge and Batch-Sparge Recipes.
  • PowersBrewery: This offers a yeast strain calculator where you input the White Labs or Wyeast strain of yeast you’re using and it gives you the ID Number, Average Attenuation, Apparent Flocculation, and Optimal Fermentation Temperature.
  • Brewheads: They offer the following calculators: Change/Strike Water Temperature, New Volume, Force Carbonation, and Hydrometer Correction.
  • BeerMath: There’s a calculator for Calorie, Color, Scaling, and Gravity Conversion.
  • ScrewyBrewer: They offer calculators for Rest Temperature, Mash Water Volume, Cylinder Volume, and American/Metric.

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