DIY Homebrew Systems Blueprints

After about 6 or 7 brews I realized how much more efficient it would be if I didn’t have to sparge and mash in the garage and then go back to the kitchen to heat water. I’ve seen homebrew systems and stands at local homebrew shops but they were always ridiculously overpriced. So like an avid consumer I shopped around online and the prices still ranged from $1,000-$15,000. Frugal is my middle name so I began looking at other people’s DIY systems. I found a couple that I really liked that didn’t break my wallet. Unfortunately due to space considerations a renovation like this is not possible now. But I will keep these plans for future use.

DIY 3 Tier Brewing System

DIY Beer Line Cleaner

DIY Bottle Tree

DIY Immersion Chiller

DIY Keezer

DIY Portable Kegerator

DIY Wooden Crate

Additional Resources


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