Getting Started: The Bottling Steps


  1. Obtain a corker (we used an Italian Double Lever Corker), bottles of either shape or size, corks, siphon pump, bottling bucket, and Star San (or any other approved sanitizing agent)
    Italian Double Lever Corker
    Italian Double Lever Corker
  2. Sanitize all the equipment. We usually clean our kitchen sink first with PBW and then fill it up with the Star San solution.
    Sanitizing the bottles
  3. Make sure you run the Star San through the spigot of the bottling bucket.
    Run the Star San through the spigot
  4. Make sure the sanitizing solution is gone from the bottles (don’t worry if there is some foam from the Star San in the bottles, as long as the liquid is gone everything is ok).
    Sanitized bottles with some foam
  5. Place the siphon into your primary or secondary and begin siphoning the batch into the bottling bucket.
    Transferring from the secondary to the bottling bucket
  6. Once the bottling bucket is full, begin transferring the batch into the bottles. (Tip: when pouring into the bottle, try to tip the bottle to the side to allow the liquid to flow from the side of the bottle rather than directly into the bottle. This will prevent foaming from occurring.)    
  7. Pour into the side of the bottle
  8. After all the bottles are filled, begin corking
  9. A Voila! All you have to do now is wait until your batch is ready for consumption!
    All Done!


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