Getting Started: The Racking Process

Racking is defined as transferring mead from one fermenter/carboy to another. It is important to rack the mead in order to filter out the spent yeast, to separate mead from fruits and herbs, and to clarify the mead.

Racking Steps:

1. Sanitize empty carboy, stopper, airlock, siphon hose, and racking cane. (Tip: We use the dishwasher to store the bottles and fermenter during brewing to free up some counter space in the kitchen)


2. Position the fermenter on a tabletop/counter and the empty carboy on a chair or floor to let gravity move the mead.

3. Attach the hose to the racking cane and begin siphoning your mead from the fermenter to the empty carboy. Pay attention to the bottom of the racking cane to ensure that no spent yeast is being siphoned.

IMG_6064 IMG_6061

4. Use your hydrometer to measure the specific gravity. The must should have fallen to about 1.030 or less.

5. Place the stopper and airlock and return the mead to the cool, dry place.


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