Making Labels

  1. Brewers Association created guidelines detailing criteria requirements for making beer labels. Information should include beer net contents, beer label type size and legibility, beer class and type destinations, beer government warning requirements, beer mandatory label requirements, and formulas.
  2. Labely: This website reminds me of grapics from WordsArt on Microsoft. It is very simple to use. You basically complete a step-by-step process where you can pick certain designs for each step. You can upload your own picture, BUT it will only allow a small cropped version of it on your label. Definitely not the greatest tool if you wish to customize a lot of features. Great if you just need a basic label to differentiate your beer.
  3. Northern Brewer sells bottle labeling paper in four colors: yellow, green, blue, and white for $5.99
  4. Beer Labelizer: Very easy guide to making beer labels using their templates. There are some free templates but the really nice ones require a membership fee. You can also upload your own picture but like I said with Labely, this program doesn’t really allow you to customize a lot.
  5. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau also offers information regarding regulatory standards of beer labels.
  6. UPrinting offers various label templates depending on the program you use such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CoreDraw, Acrobat, and Publisher.
  7. Beer Clings are reusable labels that you can either customize yourself or purchase their standard template. 12 labels cost around $5 but if you want to customize the label it will cost more.
  8. NoonTime Labels: You can choose a label and input the information or customize your own label. This offers wine and beer labels.
  9. Zumula: Choose either a pre-designed label or customize your own. Offers both wine and beer labels.
  10. Online Labels: Offer different label templates you can download.
  11. Google: Just google beer or wine label templates and hundreds of pages will pop up.
  12. Reddit: I found that on r/youngjobs, r/forhire, r/homebrewing, or r/HBL there are plenty of people who can give you advice on how to make your labels or even offer to make your labels for you for free. However if they are doing the work to make your labels I suggest offering at least  some monetary compensation or if anything a shipment of your homebrew.



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