Storing Mead

“Store mead in a cool, dark place.” – (insert reference of choice)

Is that it? After all that meticulous brewing, does it all boil down to one final simple step? In a sense yes it does. But despite the step’s simplicity there are other factors to consider that can ruin the quality of your mead that you’ve worked so hard for.

A general rule of thumb is to consume your mead within 3 days after opening. If you’ve recorked it then you have about a week before spoilage. However there is no set timeframe of how long a mead can last before its flavors are altered. Afterall each mead depends on the quality of the honey.

When using corks, place the bottles upright immediately after bottling for two days to let the cork harden. Then place them on the side to keep the cork wet to prevent the cork from shrinking and drying out. If that occurs oxygen can enter and ruin your mead. If you waxed over the cork bottle then you can store it upright. For still meads, place the mead in a 55-70 degree F setting.

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