The Greatest App for Touring Breweries!

The boyfriend and I love going to breweries and we have set upon a project to visit as many breweries as we can. Luckily for us we are near San Diego so its only an hour drive to taste all the glorious craft brews awaiting us. The first time  we did the trip it involved researching brewery tour websites, finding reviews on yelp, and then mapquesting a route to all of the breweries. But then I miraculously stumbled upon the BrewMapping Project.

Now this application allows users to enter a specific address and it will find breweries close to that address. Or if you happen to be going to San Diego then you can select brewery maps that are narrowed down to country and city. It uses google maps to show all the breweries in that general area. And it also provides customer reviews for all the breweries. It’s google maps and yelp all in one! Best thing ever!

The incredible thing is that this project is manned by one person. But the reason this project is so successful is because many brew lovers submit new locations of breweries, review the breweries, and add pictures. All you have to do is sign up (which is free) and this feature is available for you at once!


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