Types of Meads

Because mead has such a diverse cultural background, there are many different mead variants.

  • Acerglyn: Mead with honey and maple syrup
  • Balche: Mexican mead made with Balche bark
  • Black Mead: honey and black currants
  • Bochet: Honey is caramelized before adding water
  • Braggot: Honey and malt; with or without hops
  • Capsicumel: Mead with chili peppers
  • Chouchenn: Mead in Brittany, France using buckwheat honey
  • Cyser: Honey and apply juice fermented together
  • Czworniak: Polish mead using 3 units of water for each unit of honey
  • Dandaghare: Nepalian mead with Himalayan spices
  • Dwojniak: Polish mead with equal amounts of water and honey
  • Great Mead: Mead that’s been aged several years, unlike short mead
  • Melomel: Honey with any fruit
  • Metheglin: Mead with herbs and spices
  • Morat: Honey and mulberries
  • Omphacomel: Medieval mead with verjuice (unriped grapes)
  • Oxymel: Mead with wine vinegar
  • Pyment: Mead with red or white grapes
  • Rhodomel: Mead with rose hips or rose petals
  • Sack Mead: Greater honey vol. yields higher alcoholic content
  • Short Mead: Mead that ferments quickly
  • Show Mead: Plain mead with only honey and water
  • Tej: Ethiopian mead with gesho
  • Viking Blood: Mead with cherry juice


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  2. Mead Styles and Mead by any other Names
  3. Comprehensive Guide to Types of Meads

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