How to Host a Beer Tasting


Again pick what type of tasting you would like to host (horizontal, vertical, priceless, etc.)

Plan to serve between 6-12 different beers at about 3oz per tasting. Prior guests’ arrivals store your beer upright in the refrigerator.

You can break serving temperatures into three general levels: 55ºF-60ºF (strong beers, like barleywines, dark ales), 50ºF-55ºF (standard ales, like bitters, IPAs, dobbelbocks, abbey ales, lambics, stouts, etc.) and 45ºF-50ºF (lighter beers, like lagers, pilsners, wheat beers, milds, etc.). Usually the higher the alcohol, the higher the temperature and the lower the alcohol, the lower the temperature.

Have a pitcher of water nearby. Beer must be swallowed to taste the hops bitterness at the back of the tongue but you may want to rinse out your taster glass between each beer and empty it into a bucket.

Beer should be tasted from the lightest flavor, body and alcohol content to the highest.

Offer a pen and paper for note taking.

I decided to host a beer tasting party for my birthday. Pinterest had a ton of inspirations for decor and food. Here are a few pics from the night.

2013-06-29 18.00.44 2013-06-29 18.01.06 2013-06-29 18.01.20 2013-06-29 18.09.09 2013-06-29 18.09.30 2013-06-29 18.09.51 2013-06-29 18.10.13

The Menu:


Bread and a variety of olive oils. (Make sure to get fresh baked bread the morning of the party. Also there are a ton of oils for a good price at Target and Marshalls)

Side Dish:

Mediterranean Cucumber Salad (I omitted the olives. Don’t quite fancy the taste).

Main Dish:

Smoky Chipotle Cheddar Mac  (This was a BIG hit at the party. I included a whole can of chipotle adobo peppers.)

Beef Short Ribs marinated in Pear & Apple KBBQ sauce (I bought the marinade at Zion Market)


Pineapple Raspberry Jello Bites

Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Kabobs

Philadelphia Mini Cheesecake


Raspberry Beer Lemonade (This ran out so fast! Definitely going to make this again!)

Fruit Infused Water (Very important to stay hydrated throughout the night)


BeerAdvocate How to Host a Beer Tasting Party

How to Host a Beer Tasting

Mendocino Brewing How to Host a Beer Tasting


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