Starting a Homebrewing Club

Listen carefully. These are the most valuable instructions you will ever receive in your lifetime.

  • Call friends to come over. If they brew, ask them to bring over some samples.
  • Share the samples among the group (yes sharing is caring)
  • Critique each other’s work. Offer praise (or advice).
  • Repeat.

Bam. You’ve got a homebrewing club. Or if you’re just too lazy to invite people over or you find yourself absent friends, don’t fret cause there are other already established homebrewing clubs you can join. No, don’t go onto Craigslist to find a new buddy. Instead find a registered AHA homebrewing club here. Or go to your local homebrew supply shop and there are usually ads there for club meetings. But if you’ve got a bit of social anxiety well, there’s hope for you yet. There are a bunch of online forums you can join. Just make sure to join one where the last comment from a member was either today or yesterday (there’s no use waiting for someone to respond to your question if you’re the only active member there). Here are a couple of forums that just might be your glass of beer…


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