4 Days Till Brew Ha Ha

The 4th Annual Brew Ha Ha Beer Festival is this Saturday, Sept. 7th at Silverado, CA. I have heard such outrageous stories from friends so I CANNOT wait to finally go! Also, some pretty cool speakers are going to be there. Let’s see…there’s Ed Heethuis from Ritual Brewing Co., David Walker from Firestone Walker Brewing, Dr. Bill Sysak from Stone Brewing Co., and oh yea Greg Koch (insert fangirl scream).

There’s going to be over 70 breweries there! I recognized some of my favorites like Belching Beaver, Cismontane, and GreenFlash. But there’s quite a few awaiting me. Over 175 craft beers too. SCORE! Jason and I decided to splurge and get the VIP tickets for $60 presale. They’re $70 at the door. The ticket grants you early entrance (at noon rather than 1pm), a commemorative glass, 20 tasters, and a seat at the Beer Appreciation Seminar by the speakers mentioned above. I will happily bestow $60 for this experience.

Oh man. I haven’t even mentioned food yet. Get ready for Slater’s 50/50, The Burnt Truck, Devilicious, 77 Pizza, Taco Asylum, Brewcakes, The Slidebar, The Viking Truck, Garlic Escapes, Dos Chinos, Rancho A Go Go BBQ, and Sausage King.

For those of you interested, you can still purchase tickets here.

For those of you who still aren’t sure, check out their website here


Here’s an interesting fact for you, courtesy of urban dictionary

Brew Ha Ha:

It all starts off with a long period of drinking between a decent sized group of male friends; usually during sunny weather. Due to drunkenness heat and vast amounts of consumed brews, behaviors eventually tend to intensify to the point where a brawl occurs. In the morning when the gentlemen awaken from their slumbers they notice their wounds and and say HAHA.

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